Hygiene for the elderly - a safe environment without germs and odours

The conventional forms of storage, transportation and disposal of incontinence waste is quite burdensome and certainly not a pleasant task. The waste must be sealed, usually externally in special containers and regularly disposed of. In the summertime especially the smell can be very unpleasant for residents, staff and visitors.

Hygiene System

With the INKO)(naut incontinence vacuum system however, incontinence waste is effectively isolated within the caring facility and storage and transportation are safe and odour free.

Remove the threat from Germs

Unsealed and exposed incontinence waste poses of constant danger to nursing staff of contamination by germs and drug resistant pathogens. Not only does it present a permanent hazard to the nursing staff, but it is also costly.

The unique INKO)(naut hygiene filter of the INKO)(naut incontinence vacuum system effectively prevents the escape of pathogens and germs. The living and working environment remains unpolluted and clean, and most importantly the staff is protected!